iOS app -- Do not receive messages in chat after implementing a file loaders & progress bars

We are currently implementing an advanced loader for files so that when users upload files they see a circle progress bar + exact size that is being loaded (reference: Telegram messenger).

Our developers are facing an issue with it.

In SB UI KIT we use renderChatItem={({message, channel})} => {…} to render customized message item.
In case we send a file message in this way:
const sendFileMessage = sendBirdSelectors.getSendFileMessage(store);
sendFileMessage (channel.url, params).then(…)
…everything is work good.When we try to send a file message in this way (to handle the progress of image/video uploading):
channel.sendFileMessage(params, progressFunction, resultFunction)
…there is a problem.
New messages don’t come in renderChatItem in real-time, but it appears in channel.lastMessage immediately. After overloading the page it comes in renderChatItem.

Hi @five_project,

Welcome to the Sendbird community. It looks like you also submitted a case to our Support team so we’ll communicate there moving forward.