Getting upload progress?


I’m using @sendbird/chat 4.0.4 on react-native 0.63.4 based app.
how can I get file transmission progress? I remember that v3 has fileProgressHandlerCallback , but I couldn’t find anything similar on v4. it looks onPending does not return actual progress.

Hi @Eueddem_Kim,

Let me take a look into this and see what I can find.

Hi @Tyler , do you have any updates?

Hey @Eueddem_Kim,

I spoke with our Engineering team about this. The V4 SDK no longer supports file upload progress. The reason for this is that with the change to V4 we removed the axios dependency in favor of fetch() as its now included in browsers and ReactNative. Fetch unfortunately does not support progress.

Hello @Tyler ,

Oh… thank you for the response. You don’t have any plan to support progress anyway?

I spoke with Engineering about this and there are trade offs to supporting progress, such as increasing bundle size to include axios once again. At the moment, we’re not planning to include it but may revisit that decision down the road.