File Size Limits - Missing Documentation

Hello. I’m running into problems with the file size of some messages. I’m using the Chat SDK to send videos on iOS. Specifically I’m using this function sendFileMessageWithParams: progressHandler: completionHandler: and I on larger files I keep getting this error.

First, I’d like to confirm that this is a Sendbird imposed limit, and if so what is the limit? Also can I increase this limit? I can’t seem to find any documentation around it.

The actual error I get is this Error Domain=File size limit exceeded. Code=800260 "File size limit exceeded." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=File size limit exceeded.} which is returned in the completion block.


Sendbird imposes a 5MB limit to files uploaded. Let me check in regards to possibility of increasing that limit and circle back.


@Tyler thank you. I have a follow up question to the 5MB limit as well. Is that limit imposed when someone uploads a file using the Sendbird UIKit SBUChannelViewController? Because that appears to be possible. I was able to send a file of 11.6 MB that way.

@tvon, It should be imposed globally regardless of the method used to upload to Sendbird. Was there any compression done prior to uploading?

I don’t think so because when I download the video from the Sendbird chat and inspect its size it appears to be 11.2MB

I just confirmed this. Went to the Sendbird dashboard and looked at the chat in question. Downloaded the video form there and inspected the size. It’s 11.2MB.

Let me do some digging and see what I can discover.

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@Tyler Do you have an update on this? I’m talking to sales to increase the file size limits on messages, but our team is still seeing irregularities with the 5MB limit being enforced particularly when sending videos from the camera roll directly using the Sendbird UIKit chat implementation.

Moved to support case.