Not able to send the video file in chat which was working earlier

I am not able to upload a video file in chat always getting
> :: 500901

BaseChannel.SendFileMessageHandler is throwing above error.

And also the thumbnails are not showing up. Have enable thumbnail in the dashboard also.

Sendbird sdk versions used,

Hi @Tej . Thank you for reporting this to us and sorry that it’s not working as expected. Could you please explain more so that we can track down the root cause of the problem?

Did you upgrade the SDK version? If you did, from which version to which version? If you did not, could you please tell us when did this problem start to occur?

@Cjeon I did not upgrade or downgrade the version, it was working fine when I last tested a month ago. Now we are moving it to production and we are seeing this issue. We had also mailed an issue regarding the thumbnail which is also not solved yet.

Versions used I have added above.

If you did not upgrade the SDK version, it is likely that our server changes caused the issue. I’ll let relevant team know this issue and get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry again for the trouble.

@Cjeon Thanks for the quick reply, and also this is happening in both IOS and Android.

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Hi @Tej,

Are you able to upload your example video file using the Platform API? What file extension is the video using, and additionally what size is it?


@Tyler I have not tried using the Platform API. File extension is mp4 and file size was around 10MB.


It looks like this could be due to a known issue related to thumbnail generation. Do you get any message back with the 500901?

@Tyler , No I don’t get any message back. And yes as I said earlier the thumbnails(checked for earlier uploaded videos) are also not working.

Could you please DM me your App_ID? Thanks!

Thank you for sending me your App_ID. It looks like there should be a fix deployed to your region in the next couple of days. That should resolve this error for you. I’ll keep you updated.

@Tyler , Should we update the versions for that?


This will be a server side fix and will not require you to update your SDK.


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@Tyler , When exactly can we expect the fix? Do you have any timelines on this?


It looks like the fix for this issue is actually included in an update coming in the next week or two. Unfortunately I can’t provide you with an explicit timeline as a variety of factors can change that timeline.



I head back from Product Management about this, it looks like a fix should be deployed. Could you give this a try and see if you’re still having trouble?


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Hey @Tyler
how are you
I upload a video on sendbird, in its response there is url without auth token in it … like when i upload image there send me response with auth in its url

This is url path i get
could you help me figure out what is the problem

and this is what when I upload image

Hi Daud,

I responded in the other thread. Let’s try to keep this in one thread as posting the same problem in multiple places just gets messy and confusing.