Image upload max size & supported formats

Hi, all.

We want our artists to deliver illustrations to buyers directly in the chat, if possible. So, this means being able to upload final pieces as well as larger source files. We’ve had several source files be +200MB to date.

What is the maximum supported file size for image uploads in Sendbird?

If there is a default limit, is there a way to pay for more temporary space?

How much storage space is allowed per chat? ie - if our buyers order 50 pieces from one artist, all with multiple sketches, will we hit some sort of max chat history file size limit?

Hello @Danzig,

Max upload is set at a default of 5MB, and we support most standard media formats. Upload sizes can be increased by working with our Sales team to modify your subscription. There is no limit on a per chat basis, but as an organization you do have a limit, which can also be modified.