Flutter with Sendbird push notification bugs

I have a problem in push notification when I run the project in flutter, I connect to firebase plus adding the server key in Sind bird, and enable notification all notifications work good when I run the app in emulator or using USB debug, but when I build APK there is no notifications received, any body know the solution for this issue

Got exaclty the same problem !
I used " Compose notification" from firebase Cloud Messaging to test if I received the notification when my application is on background. And it’s works.
But if I use the test notif from sendbird when my application is on background/foreground (in release mode) nothing appear. But on debug mode it’s work ! It’s so weird. I blocked on this issue since 2 days and can’t find any solution. But I think it’s related to the sendbird (because it’s works when I pass to FCM directly it’s work so not the code source problem).
Do you have find a solution for it @Yalla_Click ?
Maybe someone can help us to this issue ?

I have made a issue => [Push Notification] Bug on release mode background notification · Issue #48 · sendbird/sendbird-sdk-flutter · GitHub