Not receiving push notifications, but sending test push via dashboard can be successful

Can’t receive push messages while chatting, but sending test push via dashboard can be successful.

Hello, @Xian_You Welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Can you please dm me your application_id?

id is FDB99796-40F9-46B0-9ACE-2086FC72F26C

I have the same issue. Why it is not working? I can receive the message through the push notification tester, but when I send the message from the channel not receive any push notification.


Could you please check your notification preferences using the below endpoint.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 1.56.30 pm

This is the result. Do you see any issue with any settings here? Currently, I can’t receive a push notification when someone sends a message to me.

I did try "the push notification tester: tool, and it’s working, but the regular messages are not received.