URGENT - FCM push alerts not being sent

Hi I am not receiving any FCM push notifications, and when I try sending an FCM notification with your push tester I also get an error message saying something went wrong. If I send a test notification via the Firebase console it arrives, so it seems like something is broken on the Sendbird end?

Hi @Nicholas_Latham!

Could you please DM me the app ID you are testing push notifications on? Were you running these tests today?

I pulled some push notification logs from yesterday. I was seeing quite a few "error":"NotRegistered" error messages.

Was the registration token expired or did the app unregister from FCM?

Here is the link to the FCM docs I was referencing: https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/http-server-ref

Hi Ian

Thanks for investigating. Things seem to be running fine now. After further testing and investigation, it seems that the error was caused by building our flutter app with the
--obfuscate flag. When removing that flag, notifications seemed to arrive fine

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