[iOS] Receiving Notifications after even turn off with Sendbird API

Hello team.

Our application has a logic for disabling push notifications for chats via the SendbirdChat.setPushTriggerOption API.
Everything works fine until, I go into the chat settings and turn on and turn off notifications the notification toggle.
Then this API SendbirdChat.setPushTriggerOption does not work even if I resend SendbirdChat.setPushTriggerOption(.off).

[SDK Version]

  • SendBirdUIKit (3.2.1)
  • SendbirdChatSDK (4.1.0)

[Reproduction Steps]

  1. Send a request to disable push notifications via API
SendbirdChat.setPushTriggerOption(.off) { error in
   print("SendBird has push trigger options: \(error == nil)")
  1. Go to chat settings turn notifications on and off


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Hello guys!
Any information?

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I have the same issue.
I use SDK:
SendBirdUIKit (3.2.1)
SendbirdChatSDK (4.1.0)

Hello guys!
You didn’t answer me. Maybe you need more information?