How can i be part of over 2000 channels

i’ve seen the rule “A member can be part of 2,000 channels.”
then if i want to belong in over 2000 channels in a specific account, how can i do?
if there is a solution like upgrading plan, please let me know.
thank you

Hello @taylor,

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Can you help us understand the use case for being a part of more than 2,000 channels? We typically see that a user does not need to be a part of more than 2,000 channels as they can leave channels they no longer need.

Thank you for your response.
Our team’s service is carried out by several users applying when one user opens a campaign, and when applying like this, a chat room is created to communicate 1:1 and when the campaign is over, the chat room is frozen but not left.
However, sometimes when a large brand opens a campaign, hundreds of people apply, so even if a brand opens a few campaigns, it will exceed 2,000 channels.
I want to leave a chat room so that the campaign host can check the log, but if the system cannot participate in more than 2,000 channels, I think I need to modify the service flow.
Please let me know if there is another way to solve it.
Thank you.

If you’d like to discuss increasing the limit based on the above use case, I highly recommend submitting a ticket to our Support team through the Sendbird Dashboard. We can discuss in more detail there.

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