Max Number of Group Channel Memberships

We’re using group channels to allow our call center representatives to join long-running conversations with a client. We have two possible approaches to doing this (that I can think of):

  1. Add a call center rep to the group channel for the client at the time they want to start chatting in a room with the client, remove them when they’re done. Use the Sendbird webhooks to build our own notification system
  2. Add all call center reps to a group channel at the time of creation, then never remove them, and use sendbird JS SDK to show in app notifications when messages are sent in channels that a logged-in user is a part of. The # of possible channels goes up as the # of clients goes up.

Option 1 seems the way to go, but is there any upper limit on number of channel memberships that would prevent using option 2? Trying to determine how we can support “in-app” web notifications for Call Center reps without them being in a channel (via Option 1).

Thoughts/advice/links to something I haven’t seen appreciated.



Group channels have a limit of 100 members per channel. If you’re looking to exceed that, you might consider Supergroup channels which have a limit of 2,000 members however, please note that Supergroups are a premium feature.

I would agree that option 1 is likely the best choice in this scenario. It allows you to control the number of channels a representative has joined as they’re limited to 2,000 channels. Add them when needed, and remove them when not needed.