How can i create the first moderator of an app from platform api?

My goal is to create an application and private groups from platform api.
I manage to create the application to create users, but I can’t find the solution to create the first moderator to then be able to create groups.

Hello @Laurent_Aubertin,

I would like to understand more about the use-case that you are trying to implement with group channel creation, can you please elaborate on it?


I’m just looking to create moderators with platform api.
We generate white label applications for our customers, and we try to automate their creation as much as possible.

Thanks for the clarification. Please find the details below,

You can create the user in your application via Create User API endpoint -

Once the user is created, you can make use of registering the user with operator API endpoint as Operator to moderate the specific channel.

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Thanks for the response, but in this way, you create a channel operator, not an application moderator

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Hello, I also have the same problem, when I accidentally deleted the Moderator, I found that I couldn’t recreate or specify a Moderator