How to make Admin Message visible to specific users only ( in Chat, Notification, Last Message )

How can I create admin message that only a specific user can see within a channel?

Notification, Last Message should only be available to specific user, too

Hi @Ashe,

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Visibility should be handled on the client side. When sending the ADMM message, you can pass in sorted_metaarray which allows you to pass in additional information that can be used elsewhere.

As for the Notification, Last Message and unread count, this one is a bit tricky. The ADMM message supports the is_silent flag which prevents the notification, last message and unread count but it does this for all users in the channel, and there is not a way to selectively decide who gets what.

I believe that is a very common use case in these days social media apps, that in a 2 way chat, only a certain Admin message should be shown only to a certain user.

Does sendbird have a roadmap to support this feature? of sending the admin message to only a certain user in a group channel, and updating the last message, and unread count for only a certain user?

When I use multiple multiple applications in the app store, I see various cases of this integrated and I am not sure why Sendbird does not support this.


Hi @Dexter_Kim,

As we’re already discussing this in another thread, let’s keep our conversation there.