Toggle visibility of messages by sender

We are evaluating using SendBird and have a question - is it possible to hide messages from a specific user in a given channel?

Use case:
In our app, our clients chat with our remote personal trainers. From the client’s point of view, this needs to look like a 2 person btw the client and the coach. However from an admin point of view, we want support and admin folks to comment on messages in the channel, and leave new messages. These comments and messages left by support folks should NOT be visible to users.

Is it possible to achieve this using SendBird? This question is for the web / JS api.


This could be something easily implemented on the front end. Essentially, you could utilize the data or sorted_metaarray to contain an attribute such as something like isFromSupport. Then on the customers render of the message list, you’d just not render any message that has that attribute associated with it.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Tyler, that could work! Is it also possible to only notify the trainer but not the client when support replies to a message in a thread? (i.e. in app notifications)