How to manage APNs .p8 file on ECS

Best practice/strategy for managing .p8 file for upload
We have a multi-tenant app (Django on AWS) and as such we need to create a new Sendbird chat app when we create each new customer. To support push notifications we need to upload the APNs .p8 file programmatically via your API for each app we create.

Do you have advice for how we should store the p8 file securely within ECS (AWS) so that we can upload it to Sendbird programmatically?

Incidentally, it would be nice if we could upload the p8 file once through the Sendbird admin UI and then just tell all our Sendbird apps to use that same p8 file without needing to upload it each time. The p8 file is designed to be used for all of a company’s apps, so it’s going to be the same file every time.

Never mind, I realized that the content of that file is plaintext that we can manage with our existing secrets manager, then add it to a new .p8 file at runtime. It still would be nice to only have to upload the .p8 once though.