Disable moderation limits in one category only

We set up our account to have image moderation based from the docs.

Is it possible to disable checking for a single category? For example, we don’t want to moderate image based on medical category, but would like to moderate it with the remaining ones (violence, adult, etc)


Yes, it is possible to disable one category. Set its value to 0. Please find attached a document with details regarding image moderation and a link to Googl’s image moderation tool to get some clear idea of what is happening to your images.

SendBird Image Moderation - External (5).pdf (149.8 KB)

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Thank you for the attached document. It says there that

A limit of 5 = allow up to 5 green squares (equivalent to disabling the category)

So I can set the limit of one category to 5 to disable it, which is what I want to achieve.

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