Sendbird-ios-framework - push notifications shown but not triggered

Hi I have installed sendbird-ios-framework 3.0.216. When a user sends a message, the push notification is successfully shown however the didReceiveRemoteNotification is never triggered in AppDelegate.Furthermore when the notification is shown my notification badge is overriden with the send bird one. Any ideas?

didReceiveRemoteNotification is triggered when a user clicks on the push notification. If you want to run some logic when a push is arrive, you have to implement didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler
If you use push notification other than sendbird (i.e. your own push), then you have to adjust badge count manually when a push is received on the device.

I impement didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler.I have enabled and background capabilities but nothing happens.

SDK only provides a way to register token and thats all. Without read and debug with actual implementation, its really hard to tell what’s wrong :frowning: does your push (not sendbird push) trigger the method?

Yes it does,I had before 3.0150 and the push notifications where not coming in the develop version and I just updated to the latest release and this issue came up.


Could you DM me the following items for me to take a look at?

  • APP_ID
  • User used for testing push notifications
  • Timeframe when you would have expected a notification but did not receive one? The more specific the better so I can track it down.


I am still looking into the bulk of the issue you reported, however in regards to your app badge being overwritten by the Sendbird count, you can change the settings in your Application to prevent that.
In Settings > Notifications, you can edit your APNs cert and turn off the badge, and that should fix that behavior.


It’s already off.I enabled it for a test and since then the described behaviour is happening

Just ensure I’m understanding correctly. You’re saying that the badge behavior only started occurring when you turned the badge option on within the dashboard?

I can not verify that as I enabled this feature while I was trying to make push notifications to work.The solution to make it work finally was to update the pod.

Okay, so updating the pod has resolved this issue for you?

Updating the pod resolved the for making the push notification received.Right now the problem is that the
didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler is not triggered and the badge is overriden with unread count.

I’m still looking into your didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler, however I did take a quick look at your account and I notice that you do still have badges on for your chat notifications. This is likely why the Sendbird push is overriding your badge icon:

To help me with the didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler, can you share with me your implementation of it?


Hi I changed the setting to content-availble to on and now it seems to work,is this fine? should I have it enabled ?

Looking through the Apple Developer forums as well as Apple’s documentation, it does look like it would make sense that Content-Available does need to be enabled in order for it to be trigger, otherwise it assumes no new data is available to fetch.

ok it seems that the issue is resolved. Thank you very much for the support I appreciate it.