Is it a bad practice not deleting or freezing group chats after using them?

Hi there,

Our team is currently building a feature to allow our users to chat. In it, we will be creating -potentially- several one-time group channels (GC). This mean that some of our users might eventually be part of several group chats.

Initially, we did not think of deleting any of the unused GCs. Does this become an issue at any moment - say for instance when pulling the list GC, the mobile app might experience slowness or any kind of performance issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Santiago_Palacio_Caro.

  • Please set is_distinct=true while creating group channels. It will not allow users to create a duplicated channel with the same user or users.

  • Also, it would be good if you develop a logic to delete unused channels. Because Sendbird has a limit which is 2000 channels per user in Sendbird. If the user’s channels exceeded 2000, the user can’t join or create other channels