Is there a way to be log thread replies/mentions?

What I’m thinking of is something like a discussion board notification–when some replies to your thread, you’re notified of the thread activity.

I’m not talking about a remote notification (push notification) but an activity log, like what you have at this page or what you see in social media (the “bell” icon).

I’d greatly appreciate it if you guys could point me to any classes or possible workarounds.
Thanks in advance.

Oh my. It’s quite frustrating that I cannot edit my own question.
Anyways, it would be nice to get some feedback on this issue…

Can anyone please give me an answer…?

Hello @fn7,

You could have the user mentioned in the replies and use the Mentioned User event to populate a page like what you described. Please see this table of group channel delegates, the delegate I am talking about is channel:didReceiveMention:

Hello Ian. Thank you for the reply. I greatly appreciate it.

I’m guessing the delegate methods are called only while the group channel class is instantiated as opposed to having notifications accumulated whether the user is online or not–just like for social media services,-- so unfortunately it wouldn’t fit my use case. Thanks anyways!