Issue in receiving incoming calls

Hi @J_sung_0o0,

Thanks for getting back to me. But I can’t login using “Sign in manually” either.
I entered the App ID and access token, and for user ID I created new ones and tried with existing ones but still unsuccessful.
And can’t find the QR code in “Mobile apps” in the Calls Studio of the Sendbird dashboard.


Hi @Robert_Havrisciuc,

While debugging, I couldn’t face the issue on access token.
When you tried “Sign in manually”, was the error same as before? (“Failed to authenticate. Access token is not valid”)

To use QR code, you need to add user in “Mobile apps” in the Calls Studio first. You can find “Add user +” button in “Mobile apps”. After then, you’ll see “Sign in with QR code” button. Here is a screenshot:

Please try again with the QR code. Thanks!