setListener and function onRinging not handle incoming calls

I have problem with handle incoming calls on iOS. setListener and function onRinging not handle incoming calls when app is open. It can show incoming call only if I roll up the app and unroll it back or if I block the screen and unblock back, than it handle incoming call and show it. In all other ways it not working.
Also I tried create a call in your app Sendbird Calls on AppStore, and it works the same like in my case.
Do you have idea how to solve this issue?

I use @sendbird/calls-react-native 1.0.2
iOS 14.6/15.7

Hello @NativeDev

Welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Based on the provided context, it seems that you are facing an issue with handling incoming calls on iOS when the app is open.

Can you try the below suggestions and see if this helps in resolving the issue for you:

  1. Check the implementation of the setListener and onRinging functions to ensure that they are correctly set up and registered to handle incoming calls: Receive a call | Calls React Native SDK | Sendbird Docs

  2. Verify that the necessary permissions and configurations are in place for handling incoming calls. This may include permissions related to push notifications, background execution, or VoIP services: Add push notifications | Calls React Native SDK | Sendbird Docs

  1. Ensure that you have implemented the necessary background handling for incoming calls. When the app is in the background or terminated, you may need to use background tasks or background modes to handle incoming calls and display appropriate notifications or UI

Sample application: GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-calls-quickstart-react-native: Download quickstart apps to try the core features for Sendbird Calls SDK.

You can test the same using our sample application.

If the issue persists then I would kindly request you to share more information of your implementation and a video recording of the issue so that we can check and assist you accordingly.

I did all these steps like in test app, but have the same issue.
Here is video how it works on your official app. It works the same like in my case.

Hello. Could you solve this? I’m facing the exact same issue. Any hint is really appreciated. Thank you!