List of tickets not getting

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I am having problem fetching the ticket list when i call the function of


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Ticket.getAllTickets(10, (tickets, error) => {
if (error) {
// Handle error.
console.log(“ticketList”, tickets);
// offset += tickets.length; for the next tickets.
// Implement your code to display the ticket list.

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Hello @dasimems

What is the issue you are facing when you try to use getAllTickets? Are you receiving any errors?

Note: To use the getAllTickets method, the Desk JavaScript SDK version should be 1.0.21 or higher.

Please refer: Ticket | Desk JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs


Here is the version i’m using
“sendbird”: “^3.1.33”,
“sendbird-desk”: “1.0.21”,

The problem i’m facing is, when i create a ticket and i send a message to that ticket, on my dashboard, i would have the pending ticket, just like a have 3 pending ticket right now. Trying to get all ticket now, it returning an empty array which is not suppose to be. I also observe on my network tab that, everytime you try the getAllTickets, it hit two request, one for the ticket and the other for groups. Ca