Migration failed due to one or more duplicated values

I’m developing some chat migration code on a new application - it’s been a bit trial and error (eg docs say 100 messages max in the migration call but I’ve found the server returns a 500 if you send that many), and long story short, I’ve deleted the messages/channels and tried to re-run the migration.

I’m now getting the error ‘400202: Migration failed due to one or more duplicated values’, even though the channels are all showing no messages. Are the dedupe IDs stored elsewhere, and if so how do I clear them?

Hi @sam,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community! Dedupe ID’s are stored separately and are not removed once imported. If you are not able to change the dedupe ID’s you’re providing, I can see about making a special request to our Engineering team to see if we can remove them but I can’t make any guarantees.

Hi @Tyler, that would be appreciated, thanks. I’m a bit worried about being able to recover from failures when running the prod migration.

I’m not clear on whether the non-duplicate messages in the batch are imported, or the entire batch fails - are you able to confirm? The latter is going to require parsing IDs from the error message.


In order to sync with our Engineering team for this request, can you please DM me your application ID? Also, are you looking to remove all dedup_ids?

Addressing your question, when we get an actual error back from the system such as 400, the dedup_ids are not inserted. In the case where you’re receiving a 500 back, they may still be inserted. I think ultimately we need to investigate why the 500 is occurring to better understand.

DM sent, thanks.

I’m referring to the requests when I get the 400 with failures due to ‘one or more’ duplicated values - does this mean the entire batch fails, or do the non-conflicting messages get inserted? Docs would seem to imply the former but it’s not 100% clear.