Not receiving auto message

I’ve enabled Admin deactivates user (Both previous version & new version) in Auto message section of Settings -> Channels page. However, upon deactivating user, no auto message is received.

Hey there @GabrielLim_ML,

How are you deactivating users? I think it’s important to note that the Admin deactivates user is specific to the User leaves channel section. Meaning that the automated messages is only trigger if you opt to remove the user from all channels when deactivated.

Good to know that it only sends when user leaves channel, didn’t specifically paid attention to that. However, I did tick the Remove from all joined group channels checkbox when deactivating user from Dashboard → Users → Select specific user → Click Deactivate

Are you sure the user was a member of the channel you’re checking? I only ask because I just tested this myself and I did not have any issues with it.

Yes, to provide more context, it is a 1-1 conversation. I also tried sending normal admin message to the group channel through Dashboard → Group Channels → Select specific group → Use Admin message function and Im able to receive it normally.

I am sure I deactivated the correct user because upon user deactivation, the user isn’t able to send out message anymore.

Is there any additional settings that need to be configured for auto message?

Hey @GabrielLim_ML,

Sorry for the delayed response. There shouldn’t be anything else that needs to be configured for this to work. Can you DM me the following:

  • app_id
  • channel_url where you expected to see the message
  • user_id that was deactivated
  • rough timestamp (including timezone) when the user was deactivated.

Hi Tyler,
I managed to receive the auto message already, thanks.
(I didn’t change anything though, it just worked today)