Not receiving push notifications

after upload certificate app not working forground,background or close

Hi @Nitesh_Gupta,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’ve moved your reply into its own topic. I’d love to help you investigate this issue. Could you DM me your App_ID?

Additionally, did you register your certificate as Development or Production and does your bundle_id match what is in xcode?

@Tyler Just wondering as we are troubleshooting same issue here: does it need to be a production certificate? We are currently using a development one.

Hi @nicholascm,

It would depend on whether or not your certificate is in production. If you’re building on your local device, you shouldn’t need a production certificate.

Adding a production certificate did solve our issue - we did not get push notifications before, but as soon as we added the prod cert, we started getting them.

Were you perhaps using a production provisioning profile when building? I did a bit of testing last night and was not able to reproduce this with my development cert.

Yeah - we build for several different environments on Appcenter build services, and I think we use a production provisioning profile in every environment.