How can handling/reduce peak connections in SendBird

I am using Javascript SDK :
Please check the below link - Widget Sample

is there any solution for removing or reducing peak connections
Let me know if is it possible,
How can I control a new connection

Thank you

Hello @Sanjay_Test

Please note that as soon as connect() is called on the Chat SDK, the user is counted towards the MAU, regardless of whether or not you send a message. The act of connect() alone is what triggers the WebSocket connect and thus the inclusion of the user in the count. Make sure to disconnect() the user once the purpose is served.

Please refer to this FAQ on how MAU and PCC are calculated: What are Monthly Active Users and Peak Concurrent Connections and how are they calculated?

In the FAQ you can see the detailed PCC calculation details on a case-by-case basis.

Let me know if this helps in clarifying a few things here.