Platform Api Inconsistencies/Requests


Our backend relies so much on sendbird webhooks/data to provide extra features, but I keep running into inconsistencies in api data that leaves me tearing my hair out for hours

Mainly with channel members

So, lets say, we want to keep an internal list of channel members in our db, so we don’t have to rely on api data for certain features… we implement webhooks

“group_channel:join” will give this data for a specific user:

Cool, we have some data, parts of the data in our database is handled by listing channel members and paginating through all members and adding them to the database.

When i combine “user” and “member” data from the webhook, I’m missing properties(ones that exist on list channel members api)


… now I goto the docs and see if there’s a cheap way to get specific channel member objects, or filter list channel members by user ids… Neither are possible.

Is it possible to rectify the above inconsistencies… or provide some additional filters to get channel members, WITHOUT us needed to manually paginate data from the list channel members endpoint? please and thank you.

If we have a super group with 2000 members for example. Max we can load is 100 members per page. So now i have to make potentially 20 api requests, just to get 1 user?
Each request can take 100-200ms on average, now my backend which is already being hammered by sendbird, has to wait roughly 3 seconds, to find 1 user

Something as simple as the below would solve so many headaches{channel_url}/members?user_ids[]=1&user_ids[]=2

Hi @SamKK,

We have the members_include_in parameter on the https://api-{application_id} endpoint that appears to be exactly what you’re looking for at the end of your post.

Searches for group channels that include one or more users as members among the specified users. The value should consist of multiple user IDs separated by commas. Only user IDs that match those of existing users are used for channel search.

No sorry, I need to get a specific channel member object, by user Id