Questionable defaults for profanity filter

Our use of chat doesn’t require a lot of profanity filtering; we have a small user base we expect to be respectful. But I still wanted to block some words, so I went through your default list and found some very strange blocked words and phrases.

Everyone’s use case is different, but for our marketplace we would have had some strange reactions if these words were replaced by asterisks.

I don’t want to debate what should or should not be in this list. But I’d recommend revisiting this list - it doesn’t feel like it was intentionally crafted. “Canada” is a clear example of a confusing inclusion.

democratic socialism
feel the bern,feel the burn,feeling the burn
gay, gays, lesbian,lesbians
islam, jewish, priest,priests, god
google it, prejudice,
women rapping, wrapping men

Hi @Jared, thank you for the suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

But now, if you want to remove some words from the list, you can download the list and remove some words, and upload the list as your own list.