SBUChannelListViewController presents channel in a popup in complex view hierarchy

I believe this is because of code here.

It won’t work for complex hierarchies like UIViewController inside UINavigationController inside UITabBarController inside UINavigationController.
Is there any workaround for that, e.g. manually provide UINavigationController which should be used for navigation?

Our exact use case is:
UINavigationController -> UIViewController -> UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> SBUChannelListViewController

We are on version 2.1.13.

Guys, any update on this? It causes really weird UX on our side since they see channel list, then create a new one then see channel list again in a modal which immediately pushes messaging page.

@pzmudzinski Thanks for your patient!

I will let our UIKit team know and see if theres work around to fix your situation.