View hierarchy is broken after Create channel

Hi guys,
I have an issue with SBUCreateChannelViewController.
Inside SBUChannelListViewController I call SBUCreateChannelViewController:
let createChannelVC = CreateGroupChatViewController(type: .group)
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(createChannelVC, animated: false)
When I select users in CreateGroupChatViewController I tap right top button Create and after that I see that SBUChannelListViewController pops up again and only after that - GroupChannelChattingViewController
How can I remove extra SBUChannelListViewController?

Hi @Olena_Ostrozhynska,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community! Could you provide a video showing the problem you’re experiencing? I’m not quite following the behavior you’re explaining.


Sure. I had an error that new users can’t upload attachments.
Here is my video:

Thank you for quick answer!

Thanks for that! Can you provide what version of the UIKit you’re using? Also, could you provide us with a bit more of the code surrounding your call? I’m testing this on the sample app and I’m not seeing the ChannelList being called twice.


  1. SBUChannelListViewController with its navigation controller is instanced from storyboard
  2. Call for create group:
    let createChannelVC = CreateGroupChatViewController(type: .group) navigationController?.pushViewController(createChannelVC, animated: true)

class CreateGroupChatViewController: SBUCreateChannelViewController

After that I changed nothing in CreateGroupChatViewController

The version is 2.1.5

Thank you