SDK not generating thumbnails for video


We’re using SendBirdSDK version 3.0.218 and SendBirdSyncManager 1.1.36. SendBirdSDK is not generating thumbnails for video, but it works for images/photos.

let fileMessageParams = SBDFileMessageParams(file: videoFileData)!
fileMessageParams.fileName = videoName
fileMessageParams.mimeType = mimeType
fileMessageParams.fileSize = UInt(videoFileData.count)
fileMessageParams.thumbnailSizes = [SBDThumbnailSize.make(withMaxWidth: 320.0, maxHeight: 320.0)] = nil
fileMessageParams.customType = nil

Can you help me with this?

Thank you,


Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’ve moved your post into its own topic as its not directly related to the topic you posted on.

The thumbnails are working now.

Thank you