Send message is timeout with My App

Dear everyone,

My app is facing that can’t send a message and receive error “Error Domain=ACK timeout, Code=800180 “ACK Timeout” userinfo={NSLocalizeDescription=ACK timeout}” and besides App also receive a message about “too many request”.

My steps:

  1. Open screen
  2. Load list Chat >>> receive a message “too many request”
  3. Load finish, User send a message
    4 Server send bird response “time out” and sometimes have “too many request”
    Please, let me know how to fix it - - SendBirdSDK (3.0.179)

Hello @Hai_Phan

are you still experiencing the issue you describe?

“too many request” is from server when you reach sec/req limit. Besides, I also highly recommend to update your SDK if possible.

Okiii, let me try by update SDK