Client received an error 800180: Command received no ack

We are using Sendbird for Chat in our Android application. One of our clients complained that he received an error on while trying to send a message. Error that he received was this:

Send failed with error 800180: Command received no ack.

I just wanted to check, was this just some temporary error or maybe something connected with user’s account? I have tested, and sending messages works fine.

Hello, @Viki and welcome to the community!

This is a minor error and it happens when the connection is poor or intermittent.
The socket is waiting for the server to acknowledge the last command sent.

To provide a good experience in relation to connections, remember to implement a connection handler:

In case of disconnection, Sendbird SDK will trigger these functions so you can inform you customers. As well when the connection is restored.



Thanks a lot for the answer!