Setting tag when creating Tickets


How can we set tags on the Tickets the users create in the App?

We currently have several categories of tickets users can create and a couple is very important and tag is the only custom sortable attribute in the Desk UI. So it is important we can set the Tag when the ticket is created.



It looks like the API does not currently support adding tags to the ticket. They can only be added via the dashboard. That being said Desk is still a new product, I’ll put in a feature request for this.

In the mean time, you could potentially utilize the Ticket Fields to house custom data, which can be updated via the API:

@Tyler First, You are a super-star getting back so swiftly! I’m amazed and highly appreciative of your responsiveness! Well done.

I get the point with the custom fields and that is valuable, you just can’t filter on those.
We’ll look to find another way…

Should be easy to add though, decompiled source code shows this:

    List<String> tags = null
    createZendeskChatInfo(ticketTitle, userName, userId, groupId, (String)comment, (List)tags)

Seems to be prepared for it…




Let me see if I can see if this is already on the roadmap and what that timeline may look like.


Thx :mechanical_arm: