Unable to open attachments


Our team implemented CS chatting tool with Sendbird react UIKit.
It worked well, but when our agents or guests uploaded attachments and tried to access them later, they cannot open them anymore. Clicking files just open a modal with image not found icon.

I checked with chrome developer panel, and it shows that requesting the url returns xml with error messages like:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Here are some sample urls:

Why does it happen?
Sendbird does not maintain attachment files permanently?
If so, how long Sendbird server maintains attachments?


[UIKit Version]
3.5.1 with chat SDK version 4.9.5

[Reproduction Steps]
Using UI Kit, upload any images and try access them after certain amount of time

It looks happened to all images uploaded long ago

[Current impact]
Getting issues from CS team

Hello @Eueddem_Kim,

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Is this issue still occurring? Message retention is set to 6 months but if this were the impacting issue, the message itself would not be found either.

Yes, those messages were sent on Aug 23, 2023 - and we’re seeing same issues on prod channel also.