Getting a couldn't open file Toast error when I click on a video


When I upload a video through the chat, if I try to re open that video later on, I get a “Couldn’t open file” error :point_down:

// What version of the SDK are you using?
implementation ‘com.sendbird.sdk:uikit:3.3.0’

[Reproduction Steps]

  • Open a chat
  • Submit a video
  • Try to open the video


All the time.

[Current impact]

Cannot submit videos.

This is the stack trace I get from logcat :point_down:

2023-01-31 13:01:06.715 26411-26411 SBUIKIT                    E  [13:01:06.714 BaseMessageListFragment$3:onResultForUiThread():476] SendbirdException{code=800220, message=Failed to find configured root that contains /data/data/}
                                                                                                    	at com.sendbird.uikit.internal.tasks.JobResultTask$task$
                                                                                                    	at com.sendbird.uikit.internal.tasks.JobTask._get_callable_$lambda-0(JobTask.kt:13)
                                                                                                    	at com.sendbird.uikit.internal.tasks.JobTask.$r8$lambda$Gzfnd3hhnl88z_4fQNwLm5UXgUw(Unknown Source:0)
                                                                                                    	at com.sendbird.uikit.internal.tasks.JobTask$$ Source:2)
                                                                                                    	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
                                                                                                    	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
2023-01-31 13:01:06.724 26411-26411 Toast                      E  setGravity() shouldn't be called on text toasts, the values won't be used

Sorry, this has been fix. It was an issue with the FileProvider. Thanks!

Hi @Agustin_Larghi,

Can you please mention the solution you have applied to resolve this issue I have applied the same FileProvider solution but have had no success in the outcome.