What are Monthly Active Users and Peak Concurrent Connections and how are they calculated?

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user when they connect to SendBird servers by using the Client SDK from your application, within a given month. When a user is connected to a SendBird server via mobile or web using the same identity, it is counted as 1 MAU.

A connection is required to do any type of communication between clients and servers.

Without a connection, clients will not be able to do tasks such as

  1. Listen for new messages
  2. Send messages
  3. Read and retrieve past messages (chat history)
  4. Create new channels
  5. Join channels
  6. Retrieve channel list

Peak Connections (PC)

Peak Concurrent Connections are counted as the number of concurrently connected devices to the Sendbird Chat servers during a month. Please note this counts devices, not users - if a user connects to Sendbird Chat from two devices, this counts as 2 concurrent connections. This also includes when the users connect from a website and the tab is still open. We recommend connecting the user only when it is needed.

For the organization that has multiple applications, the Peak Concurrent Connections of the organization for each month is calculated as the aggregated sum of each application’s peak concurrent connections. For example, let’s say Acme corp has two applications. Acme corp’s peak concurrent connections for the first application is 23 on the 7th of July, and that of the second application is 50 on the 23rd of July. In this case, Acme corp’s peak concurrent connections in July will be 73.

Calculation Details


A number of unique users who have connected to the Sendbird server at least once during a specific month, through the Sendbird application in a customer’s client app.

Case 1: Even though a user has connected to the Sendbird server a lot of times in a month, MAU calculates it as 1.

Case 2: Even though a user has connected to the Sendbird server simultaneously through several devices in a month, MAU calculates it as 1.


The number of websocket connections which users have made concurrently at this moment, through the Sendbird application in a customer’s client app.

A user can have several connections with multiple devices or web browsers (This has a max limit. If you want further information, please contact our engineering team.), PCC can be larger than a total number of registered users in a customer’s Sendbird application.

Because DAU and PCC are based on different time units and items for calculation, they can’t be the same.

Case 1: If a user connects to the Sendbird server through three mobile devices, PCC calculates it as 3.

Case 2: If a user executes a chat web application in three web browsers and makes conversations or reads the messages, PCC calculates it as 3 because each browser has its own process.

Case 3: If a user executes a chat app on a mobile device and a computer at the same time and uses it on both sides, PCC calculates it as 2.

Overage Fee

Once MAU exceeds your limit, you will be charged for the overage fee which is exceeded amounts per month. You will get a warning email when your usage reaches 80% then again at 100%. The dashboard graphs will turn from purple to orange and red respectively.

When your app does hit your limit (i.e. 1000 MAU / 25 Peak Connection ceiling), we will send an email (to the address you use to log in to the SendBird Dashboard) alerting you to upgrade your plan. If you do not contact us within a few days, your users will not be able to login until you do.