Wrong documentation for TICKET.STATUS.UPDATED

The docs doesn’t state a status field I get on actual webhook.
Here is an actual webhook I got (removed unneeded fields):

  "id": 13482986,
  "data": {
    "status": "ASSIGNED", // <- missing in docs
    "closeStatus": "NOT_CLOSED",
    "recentAssignment": {
      "id": 1441502,
      "assignedTicket": 4147113,
      "agent": {
        "id": 25660,
        "displayName": "aaa",
      "status": "NOT_RESPONSED",
    "channelType": "SENDBIRD_JAVASCRIPT",
    "ticketType": "CUSTOMER_CHAT",
    "status2": "ACTIVE",
  "dataType": "TICKET",
  "createdAt": "2024-07-04T12:49:25.526856Z",
  "createdBy": "agent_23764"

"status": "ASSIGNED" is missing in Webhooks | Desk Platform API | Sendbird Docs
It will also be nice to get a list of all possible values.

Hello @Guy_Guy

Thank you for your report; I will check it with the team and update.

Hi @Guy_Guy

I checked with the team and knew that the status is now an unused value(will be deprecated). It would be good to refer to status2.