Closing an account - multi-account access

I’m trying to join my company’s account, and I accidentally created one. They can’t add me.

  1. Are users able to participate in multiple send bird accounts
  2. Are users able to delete their Sendbird Account
  3. Is account closure a soft delete or a hard delete
  4. If after my account is closed, will I be able to join my company’s Sendbird account as a user?

Hello @Corey_Capetillo

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I apologize for the delayed response.

  1. We do not allow users to be a part of more than one Sendbird organization.
  2. Yes, a user can delete their account: How can I delete my account/organization?
  3. Hard Delete
  4. Yes, once your account is deleted, it will allow you to join your companies organization.