Unable to send invite to user who previously deleted their account

Hi. We are encountering an issue when we try to send an invite to a user via their email address to the Sendbird Desk platform as a Desk Agent. This user was previously an existing agent but had their account deleted. We are now encountering the error “Can not be invited because user with that email already exists.” even though we cannot find any Organization Member with that matching email address.

Hello @dennison

If the user has already signed up for an account, they must delete it before you invite them to your organization. Here is a guide on how to delete an account from our community.

Please refer to the following steps.

Step 1: How can I delete my account/organization?

Step 2: How do I invite my colleagues to our organization?

Let me know if this helps.

Hi @Chinmaya_Gupta thanks for the reply. We’ve already asked the user to login themselves to attempt to delete their account but they encountered the following error message:

We also asked them to try logging in via their Google account themselves but they are encountering the same error. Is there any way for the admins to completely delete this user’s account from the Sendbird Desk members database from the Desk admin interface? Please advise.

Hi @dennison

To delete the account, the owner of the organization has to delete it.

*Important: Make sure it is the owner of the account. Any other role like “Admin”, or “Developer” can not delete the account.