Colleagues can't accept the invitation

When an organization administrator creates a SendBird organization and tries to his/her team members to login into the organization account, your members might encounter a login problem.

Oftentimes, it is when the user may try to log in with the sign-up link, not the invitation link.

There is a simple way to fix this problem.

  1. Check if an invited member previously created a SendBird account with work email at (Dashboard | Sendbird).
    : If a team member did create an account through the sign-up link, this account needs to be deleted before he/she log in through the invitation link that was sent from an admin.

    In order to delete the account, please refer to this posting (How can I delete my account/organization?).

  2. Once a member logins with the invitation link, he/she will see “organization name” and “work email” sections are already filled. Now the member just needs to set up the password and click the sign-up button.