Hide activity from the users view / only keep activity for Agent / Admins?


Is there a way to not show all the Agent activity of a ticket to the user? You can see on the screenshot all the internal coms that we want to keep private.

We call these types of messages to ‘system message’.
The system message has a custom type SENDBIRD_DESK_ADMIN_MESSAGE_CUSTOM_TYPE in the message object.
Here is the sample.

        "mentioned_users": [],
        "updated_at": 0,
        "is_removed": false,
        "type": "ADMM",
        "message": "This ticket is assigned to desk agent by the system.",
        "data": "JSON string",
        "mention_type": "users",
        "created_at": 1582181355041,
        "channel_url": "sendbird_group_channel_7444658_46427cc7ff1f8ce0f82529b6de8072199c8562ff",
        "message_id": 15084939

You’d better hide the system messages to customers at your side.

Here is the guide, too.

I would also like to do this, is there any easy way I can do this using the ios UIKit SBUChannelViewController? Would hate to have to rebuild everything just to filter these out!

@Mike_Oh is there any way you guys can add switch buttons to the dashboard to be able to switch these messages on and off? It would make things so much easier. Thanks

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