Introducing Advanced Analytics for Sendbird Chat

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Advanced Analytics for Sendbird Chat. Advanced Analytics is an analytics feature that provides better insight into users, messages, and channels, which can help you analyze and understand user behavior in the Sendbird Chat application. Advanced analytics offers immediate access to metrics aggregated from your application, enabling relevant and pragmatic insights. You can use Advanced Analytics to monitor metrics both via the Chat Platform API and the Sendbird Dashboard.

Advanced Analytics lets you track user behavior across nine metrics, these are: messages, messages per user, new channels, active channels, message senders, message viewers, new users, deactivated users, and deleted users. These metrics can facilitate better-informed decision making, and improve your client app’s user experience.

To start using Advanced Analytics for Sendbird Chat, visit the docs or learn more on this blog.

maybe good to add; Advanced Analytics is not available for Starter pack

Hi Ron,

I will let our self-service product manager know.