Required params for GET https://desk-api-{application_id}


When I try to get all chat messages I get the following error message:

    "code": "desk400100",
    "detail": "created_at__gte and created_at__lt parameters are required."

But looking at the documentation these should be optional???
[Chat messages | Desk Platform API | Sendbird Docs](https://List Chat Messages Endpoint)

If I try to pass along the timestamps I get “wrong data format”, even though I just cut’ n’ paste the example date from the documentation. But this might also be wrong in the documentation?

How do I resolve this?


Values in the parameter created_at__ should be in iso-8601 format.

For example, 2020-08-11T09:19:45.055635Z
It can also be something like: 2020-11-11T09:19:45

Hi Walter,

Thank you so much for your reply. I tried pasting this but it does not work…

In the documentation is reads these parameters are optional, but the error message states they are required! What is the cause of this discrepancy??


Please try with: 2020-11-11T09:19:45

That working thank you. Maybe update the documentation with that. :slight_smile:


Thanks @simonb Will advice our team!

Documentation updated and with a sample as well. Thanks for your help @simonb !

Great update Walter!

Maybe you could take a look at my new ticket :smiley: