SBDUser.profileUrl is empty( "")

in some instances the profile photo for certain users returns empty, I even checked the sendbird dashboard for that user and it does contain an image, when the channel is first inserted it contains the image, but when getting the data for cache channel.serialize(), we use core data so we just store the data returned by serialize. after we retrieve the cached channel( channelData.0)) the profile URL for the user is gone("")

  • SendBirdSDK (3.0.197)
  • SendBirdSyncManager (1.1.27):
    • SendBirdSDK (~> 3.0.178)

Hey @Cris_Warren,

Are you saying you can verify that the urls are being saved locally when you call serialize() and save?

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before calling serialize the URL is valid, the only way to know if it was saved is to build the at which point in some cases for some members the URL is gone. this happens on different devices for the same member on the same channel. at which point the url might have gone missing either on serialize or build.

Oh so it is reproducible for the same member/channel across devices?

So Far yes, a test user noticed the error on his chat with another user, and when I created my chat with the user with the bug the same issue happened it’s more member related rather than channel… but yes.

Do you mind sending me in DM both userId, and profileUrl? To see if anything looks off.

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