Automoderation within Discourse

Discourse has some really awesome moderation tools. One of these being auto locking of topics.
In many instances, you don’t want to see topics that have gone untouched for longer periods of time to resurface. In most instances, you’d want to generate a new topic and have the user reference the older topic. With that in mind, Discourse can be configured to automatically log old topics after a certain period of time has passed and there have been no comments.

These can be set at both the category and individual topic levels:


  • Go to the settings for the category, go to the settings tab, then “auto close topic hours”


  • Click the wrench on the right, “set topic timer”, and choose from the many options available

While I don’t believe its a concern at this very moment, it may be best to get in the habit of assuming the community will continue to grow and become a popular place for people to discuss the product.

As an additional side note, it may also be worth manually closing topics where resolutions or conversations have concluded.