Channel moderator information doesn't use my moderator's info

Our use case is to send messages to group channels through the dashboard and display them as if they are coming from a user.

From the dashboard, we can only send admin messages for group channels, so we’ve enabled “Channel moderator information” to include sender data. The data getting sent back is from my sendbird account and not the moderator nickname and profile photo that I have configured. Why isn’t my moderator info used?

If it’s not possible to use my moderator info, how do I update the profile photo url that gets sent back?

Hi @jenny,

I’m unsure specifically what you’re referencing with Channel moderator information. Can you provide me some more context? Is this a webhook or something else?

Hey Tyler,

I mean that I enabled this setting under Settings > Messages.


Hey Jenny. Sorry about that. Clearly something I overlooked.

I gave this a quick test, and the data field includes the my profile information and not my dashboard information. Can you provide me with an example of what you’re seeing where this isn’t the case? If you would prefer to DM me the data, that too is fine.

Thank you! I have just DM’ed more information.

Hi Jenny,

I looked over this quite a bit and I believe this is working as intended. The intention of this function is to include data in the ADMM message about the dashboard user whom sent the message. This is so that other users in the Dashboard and identify who sent the message. It is not designed to take in the data from the actual Sendbird user as the Sendbird user isn’t the one who sent the message.

Hi, I work with Jenny,

Is there a reason the profile_url isn’t set when sending a message in this way? The nickname and user_id are set, but the profile_url is not. The example image Jenny posted above, shows the profile_url should be included, but it’s always a blank value despite having been set on the user.

Hi @seths,

I don’t think the user has one set, at least not in the way its being pulled. Outside of the Sendbird user_id that is being used as the moderator, all of the other information comes from the Organization user, included the nickname. Since the Organization user can’t set a profile_url, it does make sense for it to be blank. I need to circle back with our Dashboard team to better understand what the original use case was in order to determine what is truly expected or not.

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Thanks. That would be helpful to determine if that’s something we can set.