How do I invite my colleagues to our organization?


In order to invite a new member into the organization, the administrator should register the new member’s information on the dashboard. A new member may be another administrator, developer, chat moderator, or billing team member. Therefore, the new member can join the organization through the invitation link.

Administrator can invite other members in the organization

On the dashboard, an admin should register a new member’s information(email, role). The new member will receive an email containing the invitation link.

[Organization > members > invite]

*Role : Assign the new member’s role. You can update the role anytime via the dashboard’s member menu.

A new member can accept an invite to the organization

An invited member must create the account through the invitation link.

  • If an invited member creates the account through the dashboard’s sign-up form directly instead of the invitation link, the new member could not join the organization even if the organization’s name is the same.
  • Once a member logins with the invitation link, he/she will see “organization name” and “work email” sections filled in already. Now, the member just needs to set up the password and click the create account button.

After the new member is registered successfully, the admin can confirm the new member on the dashboard member menu.

If a team member previously created a separate account with the invited email address, they need to delete their account before the administrator can send an invitation link again. Find instructions on how to delete your account through the link below. (How can I delete my account/organization?)