Require Mention and Only Show New Message Alert for Mentioned User

We are a health coaching company and would like to have one channel for each customer that includes the customer along with their fitness coach and health coach who are our employees and business users. I want to make sure that we limit unnecessary notifications but also make sure that messages aren’t missed For example if someone messages the health coach we would prefer that the fitness coach not see a new message alert in their channel for that customer. They would only see a new message notification if they are mentioned in the conversation. Our goal is to have one channel, allow all channel members to see previous conversations, but limit distractions for our health coach or fitness coach when messages do are not address to them. Does anyone have any recommendation for best practices here?

Hey @Kenkorabrandt,

Are you looking to achieve this functionality in the dashboard or in your implementation?

in the implementation

@Tyler Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you have any questions.